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What is coaching ?

Coaching is a form of training or teaching, involves one-to-one support (a coach and a learner or 'coachee'), aimed at helping a person improve, often in a very practical sense. It commonly addresses attitudes, behaviors, and knowledge, as well as skills and focuses on professional efficiency and increases productivity level as well.

Employees often target general skills in their development plans (e.g., I have problems getting projects in on time. I need to work on my project management skills.). So managers face the problem identifying the root cause as they view only the symptoms. However its essential to treat the symptoms to overcome the weakness of the employee. Hence the returns on the coaching efforts are maximized when the focus is on the root cause and not on the symptoms. For instance, an employee with poor communication skills may have an underlying weaknesssuch as a lack of product knowledgethat one must make sure to address, instead of focusing on improving only communication skills.

How does a coaching plan can benefit?

A coaching plan benefits both the employee and the organization in two ways:

1. It sets a course for consistent coaching efforts across a development cycle, which ensures steady growth as opposed to coaching in spurts.
2. It focuses the efforts on one or two skills and ensures alignment between the employees development areas and the coaching efforts.

A well designed coaching program has milestones and target dates for the coaching activities however the true measure of the coaching program is the degree to which the employee improves in the targeted skill area.

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