Parenting has three major goals: ensuring your children's health and safety, preparing them for life as productive adults and transmitting cultural values. A high-quality parent-child relationship is critical for healthy development.

Young children need you around them at varying degrees depending on their age and needs. Your role as a parent is constantly evolving and changing but never ends.

Adolescence comes with its own share of challenges. This is a time for developing independence. You and your teenager are struggling between the youth's wanting independence while still needing parental guidance. There are additional pressures to deal with among friends and family.

These are your children, and your love for them is unconditional. It is never easy to parent teenagers, but there are some necessary skills you need to develop for you and your child to survive the teenage years positively.

The goal is to raise a socially responsible adult, able to withstand the trials and tribulations of an increasingly complicated, and often outrageous world.

Parenting need not be a cause of stress if we know what to expect and be ready. To this end we have designed our workshops at three levels.

1. We bring a series of awareness workshops for parents where we take up common concerns that all parents face at some time or other.

2. We deal with specific issues relating to learning and development.

3. We offer counseling to parents and children as well as life coaching for parents, if problems persist over a longer period of time.

 Tranquil Mind Talk Session : Bhavani - 11 April
 MWB Webinar : Devjani - 17th April
 Well Done Webinar : Bhavani - 22nd April
  MWB Webinar : Bhavani - 27th April
 Redefine Manager Webinar : Devjani - 29th April