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How coaching is different from counseling, mentoring, and consulting?

It's often confusing to understand the difference between all these professional services. Hence the expectations from these services are also not clear.

Dr. David Rock’s in his book ‘Quite Leadership’, shared a simple model to distinguish between coaching, mentoring, counseling, and consulting.

At one end of the x-axis is a focus on the problem and at the other end is a focus on the solution. At one end of the y-axis is a focus on telling and at the other end is a focus on asking. Working within this framework:

  • Coaching asks about the solution
  • Counselling asks about the problem
  • Mentoring tells about the solution
  • Consulting tells about the problem

  • How is coaching is different from training and compliments training?

    In the contemporary workplace, the role of 'manager’ is often expected to be of ‘coach' as a culture of empowerment. Hence it's essential to get clarity on the difference between training and coaching.

    Training is principally directive and the trainer will control the content in order to transfer knowledge or develop a new skill as efficiently as possible. As a pre-training activity, the 'Training Needs Analysis' is the core of the training content. Which the training addresses 'The Training Need' of the larger lot of participants.

    Whereas Coaching is driven by questions addressed to the coachee, who then explores what they already know, but in a way that would probably not occur to them without the guidance of a coach. In short, it's more individual-focused.

    So training and coaching complement each other the best. One addresses group needs and another empowers individual areas of need in a more comfortable zone.

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