Refund / Rescheduling Policies:

1. If you have paid for the session but don't wish to take the therapy, no refund will be given to you. Please be sure that you really need to take the therapy before making any payments.
2. If you are unhappy with the services or for any other reason want to terminate the sessions midway, no partial or any kind of refund will be given.
3.Scheduling sessions is your responsibility and not the therapist's.If you fail to attend any session it will be considered as done and no additional session in its place will be scheduled. However you can inform the therapist 24 hours before the slot and reschedule at a mutually convenient time.
4. Therapist holds the choice to change your appointment time and slot.No complaints will be taken into consideration for that. However, you will be informed beforehand and an alternate appointment date will be given. If the cancellation/rescheduling happens from our side the session will not be deducted from the package.
5. It is your responsibility to complete your sessions within the Validity time period, you must contact your therapist to fix your next session.


We value privacy. Once a client has joined a therapy, anything stated by him/her during the session shall be kept confidential/ handled with utmost confidentiality


1. We are not a medical service or suicide prevention helpline. If you are feeling suicidal, immediately call up a suicide prevention helpline or seek medical help.
2. Psychotherapy cannot be generalised and it often depends on the personality of the client and the problem he/ she brings forward. It is not like a visit to a medical doctor. It is a long term interactive process which requires active effort by the client for greater success. The therapist is bound to provide the best advise. However, the therapist cannot be held liable for unsuccessful sessions.

Legal proceedings:

Therapist will not testify in any court, legal proceeding or civil or criminal enquiry in favour or against a client or his/ her family member, friend or acquaintance.


In case of dispute or claims, only the civil courts in Delhi, India shall have the jurisdiction to try the case.

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