Individual and Group


Individual and Group

Group counselling typically involves a small group of people ( between 7 - 12 ) and a counsellor.The sessions are confidential, just as they would be in a one-to-one counselling session.In some respects group counselling and individual counselling are alike and the aims are usually similar. With group counselling however, the counsellor may make use of the group dynamic to achieve these aims in a different way.

For example, for people suffering with anxiety, getting out and interacting with those who understand can be helpful. Knowing they aren't alone in their feelings and hearing how others manage their anxiety can be invaluable. They are also likely to develop better social skills, which can help if they suffer from social anxiety.

Recognising that the shared experiences within the group may be universal – something experienced by humans around the world helps to raise self-esteem by removing the participant's sense of isolation.

In individual counselling the focus is on changing the way one feels and behaves in a certain situation. . Unless we are doing couples or family therapy, it's perfectly possible that their situation will remain the same. The benefit, though, can be in that person finding new, more helpful ways to manage it. Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) works on the assumption that the way a person thinks, affects his/her feeling and behavior. By changing this maladaptive thinking, negative feeling and behavior is changed.The surrounding situations do not change, but the way the person looks at and handles the situation changes. CBT deals with a person's current problems, rather than focusing on issues from the past. People are very involved in the process and are expected to take an active role in their learning, in the session and between sessions.

Children today are facing lot of emotional issues with pressures from home, school and peers. Our individual counselling sessions with children help them adapt well to the demands placed on them and grow into happy, sensible and balanced adults.

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