Super Skill 2020


Super Skills 2020

Webinar Sessions and Ready To Use Training Kit on 'Super Skills 2020'

Covid 19 challenge is a transformational situation with a series of big and small changes in our work environment. Right now we only have a preview of the change and there is a lot in store for us. Virtual workplace is going to take up a lot of space even if it can't completely change the way we work. Soon we will find ourselves in need of new set of skills. Companies invest substantially in technical and soft skills training of their workforce, but now in the changing scenario, they have to pay attention to 'virtual' training and up skilling of their employees.

To make it simple for all our internal training/ teaching staff, Samunnati Learning Solutions offers a series of 'Ready to Use Training Kit' of 'Super Skills 2020'.These programs come in two individual packages of 'Super Mindset 2020' and 'Super Soft Skills 2020' and are designed by our team that consists of positive psychologist, CBT counselor and behavioural facilitator and certified Instructional designer. These programs are being delivered successfully on virtual mode.

Q What could be some of the changes which I can expect in my professional life now?

The workforce must realign themselves and few changes to be expected are:

  • Changed work environment
  • More virtual teams
  • Use of technology for interacting with team members
  • Increased work from home positions
  • A major change will be seen in the learning culture of the organizations. The workforce will require to adapt to change and for that they must have a 'growth mind set'.

    Q What is Samunnati's offering in the changing scenario?

    Samunnati has designed a range of training programs as per the changing demands of the time. "Super Skills 2020" consists of 10 "Super soft skills 2020" and 10 "Super Mindset" programs

    Super Mindset 2020

    Q Why is Mindset training important today?

    Mindset change leads to Skill set change.
    The present Covid 19 period is throwing bundle of changes in front of us. It is essential for us to accept and adapt to the change quickly to achieve success.
    However human mind has two kinds of mind set: growth and fixed mindset. People with growth mind set will be the winners and people with fixed mind set will have endless struggle. This could be understood from an interesting observation in a 'kickboxing session'. A group of 30 people were asked to join a kickboxing class in a gym for a month.
    It was observed that though mostly everyone had clothes drenched in sweat, there was one individual whose clothes were absolutely dry. The person had the most disinterested look on his face. The movements were not purposeful, the punches and kicks had nothing behind them. This person was just going through the motions, without interest. He possibly would have been more enthusiastic sitting on the couch at home, watching TV shows. This person was disappointed at the gym, and wondering why he wasn't making any fitness progress. The conclusion was 'skill training' will give desired results only when the mind is conditioned to accept it.
    From an organizational point of view the learning culture should have a blended approach of 'skill' and 'mind' training for its workforce. It should focus on building a workforce which is more growth focused and able to adopt change in this dynamic environment.

    Q What is Mindset training?

    Mindset training is an integral part of an individual's journey of personal excellence. It simply refers to beliefs which we have whether we think our abilities are closed (the fixed mindset) or open to development (the growth mindset). These mindsets have huge impact on personal and professional development to reach our potential in life.

    Q What is growth mindset?

    Growth Mindset refers not only to our abilities and talents to bring success but how we approach our goals. It is backed by neuroscience and is one of the principles in positive psychology – which believes learning can happen in optimism, develop our strengths and grow our happiness. It sets out a formula for success at work and in life.
    Growth Mindset explains why it's not just our abilities and talents that bring us success but how we approach our goals.

    Q How does the brain respond to mindset training?

    There is some basic neuroscience involved in the learning process. Our brain is a muscle, like bicep and as you exercise it will get better at whatever task we are learning. In this process the method of learning is a crucial aspect and it is referred as 'chunking' i.e breaking down the complete task into several parts.
    For example: If you want to play the guitar, first you learn a chord and you repeat playing the chord. Now you learn another chord and learn playing a riff of chords together. You repeat playing the riff and repeat this process with another riff. Then you get the drift.
    Finally you choose to learn a part of the song and then learn to play the complete song. So the process of learning is bit by bit.
    This repeated practice builds up what is known as myelin in the brain which is like insulation. It further builds axons which connects different neurons in our brain together. Now that the myelin is built up, neurons can travel faster in your brain. This is how practice makes the brain stronger as a muscle. It is simple to see in black and white than in action but the practice is the exercise.

    Q Can my internal staff deliver such training?

    'Mind Training' is different from any soft skill and hard skill training. The core objective of 'Mindset Training' is to recondition the mind from old beliefs and learning, knowledge, practices, culture, etc. Hence these programs should be experiential in nature and that could be achieved by following the scientific principles and a logical flow of multiple methodologies to enable accelerated learning.
    Again this could be an added challenge when the same needs to be conducted virtually.

    Super Soft Skills 2020

    Q We are already doing such trainings internally. Why do we need an external assistance for the same?

    Usually the programs are designed in a class room environment and delivered by the subject matter experts in the form of 'knowledge transfer'. Often these programs are either 'one sided power point download' with minimum interaction or filled with activities that are often irrelevant to the topic. Now with virtual environment the burden on the SME only increases to make the session experiential in nature keeping it in virtual mode.

    Samunnati Learning Solutions as a specialized learning company has designed a series of 'Ready to Use Training Kit' of 'Super Skills 2020'. These programs have been designed by our certified Instructional designers and are being delivered successfully on virtual mode by us to IT, ITES, and Telecom industries.

    Q Who can use the 'Ready to Use Training Kit' of 'Super Skills 2020'?

  • Teachers
  • Individual training consultants
  • Learning and Development specialists
  • Training executives of companies
  • HR professionals
  • Subject Matter Experts, Managers, Team Leaders
  • Note: Professionals from across the industry could use the 'Ready to Use Training Kit' to train their workforce on 'Super Skills 2020'.

    Q How will the 'Ready to Use Training Kit' of 'Super Skills 2020' benefit us?

    It would:

  • Save time designing web sessions
  • Balancing the engagement level of the sessions
  • Designing: PPT, Participant Guide, and other training material
  • Can be used multiple times
  • Use it for a larger audience
  • Spare you from doing a pilot project to check the success of the program
  • Q What are the inclusions in the 'Ready To Use Program Kit' of 'Super Skills 2020':

  • Ready to use experiential web training sessions.
  • Training Hour : 2-4 hours (Depending on the program)

  • Package will include :

    1. Lesson Plan: It is a detailed break up of topics and time
    2. Facilitator guide: detailed explanation for the facilitator on how to run the program. This will include basic instructions, how to run the training activities, questions to be asked and also the briefing of the complete Participant Guide which needs to be used in the session.
    3. Training Presentation: The PowerPoint presentation to be used in the training session.
    4. Participants Guide: Worksheets for the participants which will include the activities that need to be done in the session, tips and techniques.
    5. Activities Included: Stories, self-assessment, training games, case study, quiz situation handling, reflection and Action Plan.

  • In addition, Samunnati also conducts basic 'Train The Trainer' or 'program specific TTT' through webinar/ classroom
  • We conduct Training for individuals and groups
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     Tranquil Mind Talk Session : Bhavani - 11 April
     MWB Webinar : Devjani - 17th April
     Well Done Webinar : Bhavani - 22nd April
      MWB Webinar : Bhavani - 27th April
     Redefine Manager Webinar : Devjani - 29th April