Educational Institutions


Educational Institutions

Present generation of children are very knowledgeable, intelligent and inquisitive and are exposed to a range of information. Not all the sources of information are relevant and in some cases they could be harmful. It is therefore, imperative that the adults address children's curiosity by providing them with right and relevant information and handle any issues that may arise, sensitively and in a non-threatening way. The dynamics of bringing up children is changing and lot of time parents and teachers find themselves in a spot, when faced with issues.

We at Samunnati conduct workshops on a wide range of topics which equip parents and teachers to address these concerns positively, and help them to make informed decisions. Our workshops range between 60-90 minutes and the fee for our services depend on the strength of the participants. We conduct short duration workshops for students as well. And for teachers we also do a two day program on Work Life Balance, which includes handling stress, managing time and many other related topics

Excellent grades and prestigious internship. This success in academia needs to be translated into real time job offer. Every student is working hard to land that dream job. Colleges and Universities are expected to not only build a solid knowledge base but also prepare students to face their interview confidently.

Samunnati offers valuable insight into GDPI and personal grooming. Confident performance on the day of placement makes a huge difference in the selection process. The program is designed to give ample practice in GD techniques, mock interviews and personal grooming. It is said that, First Impression is formed in the first 40 seconds of interaction. Samunnati trains students to create the right kind of First Impression through assertive communication, positive body language and a well groomed personality.


The below modules are either held as full day sessions or as two hour sessions spread over days

  •   Resume writing
  •   Speaking in grammatically correct English
  •   Communicating assertively
  •   Positive body language
  •   Personal grooming
  •   Group Discussion
  •   Handling Interview and stress management techniques
 Tranquil Mind Talk Session : Bhavani - 11 April
 MWB Webinar : Devjani - 17th April
 Well Done Webinar : Bhavani - 22nd April
  MWB Webinar : Bhavani - 27th April
 Redefine Manager Webinar : Devjani - 29th April