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Samunnati is committed to providing powerful experiential learning to corporate employees, hospitality and healthcare professionals, teachers, parents and students who aspire to grow and achieve their potential. It is also our endeavor to help individuals overcome psychological issues like stress, depression, anger, etc through personal counseling.

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Management Development Program

The Management Development Programs focus more on the personal growth which improves individual performance and behaviour.

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Life Changing Programs

Life is lived well if we are able to change ourselves according to the changing environment and changing demands.

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Concrete Experience

The learner's responses are related to his feelings. The learner is willing to be actively involved in the experience. The role of emotion and feelings in learning from experience is an important part of experiential learning.

Reflective Observation

Responses are related to listening and observing. The learner reflects on his experience. Reflection is a crucial part of the experiential learning process, creating a scaffold for further learning, and allowing for further experiences and reflection.

Abstract Conceptualization

Responses are related to thought and logic. Learner uses analytic skills, to gain a better understanding of the new knowledge and retain the information for a longer time.

Active Experimentation

Responses are related to action. The learner develops decision making and problem solving skills in order to use the new ideas gained from the experience.

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